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Whether you are a complete novice or a keen hobbyist, the Time-Lord and his team have the right photography course to suit you as a beginner  in this great art form.

The adage that the best camera is the one that you have on you at the time is true. Whether you use a smartphone, bridge camera, or a DSLR camera, you can get great results with knowledge of framing, cropping, settings and by using a defined editing workflow.

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What We Do

When someone says that a photograph that they see on a social media feed is “good” they are rarely referring to the technical expertise of the photographer.

More often than not they are referring to where the photograph is taken or whom is in the shot.

For example, we saw a photograph of a friend on holiday in New Zealand. Their photograph was taken on a ship that had a blue and white hull, floating on a blue sea, with a blue sky, whilst the friend was wearing a blue dress and a blue skirt.

Technically and composition wise it was not a good photograph, yet, the comments of friends on the facebook feed said that it was.

We suggest that they by saying it is a good photograph they are referring to the fact that these friends are on a great holiday; they are pleased (and slightly jealous) to see them on holiday; but, they are looking forward to seeing the images of the holiday upon their friend’s return.

Digitisation has placed technically advanced equipment into the hands of the many. We can all take photographs easily and instantly rather than such technical equipment being the preserve of the few.

We help you to take your equipment off auto settings and to understand how to take a technically good photograph.

The Details

Many of our clients buy some fairly expensive photographic equipment, but, they are chained and held back by their lack of knowledge. The auto setting switch on their camera is rarely moved.

In order to get you off this standard setting and on the way to producing better photographs, a list of the courses that we offer is shown below.

If you cannot see what you require, please contact us by clicking here or by telephoning us on 020 3195 7730.

Beginners DSLR Photography Course

Do you know little to nothing about the settings on your camera? Do you wish that you could take your camera off auto settings. 

Our half day photography course is aimed at total beginners who own a digital camera and want to unpack a few of its amazing features to take better photographs on holiday and at family celebrations.. 

Our clients will learn how to operate their cameras in a variety of modes using the correct exposures and gain understanding of the basics of aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

One Day Vintage Photography Course

Many mistakenly believe that the era of film is dead.

Our film workshops and courses contain the aim of slowing down the process of taking photographs. Quality and knowledge is key.

Clients have a limited number of shots, just 8 or 12, on a roll of black and white film. They have to consider each shot, the framing of the image and the settings being used.

Post course we process the images and send a contact sheet and negatives to our clients to show them the progress that they have made. A greater level of understanding is gained from these courses.

Beginners Full On Course

Do you want to learn the most that you can about photography?

This is our most comprehensive course for beginners.

This three day course starts with a day that includes a review of some of the history of this art form along with teaching on the basic settings involved in photography. We then go out with some film cameras putting into practice what has been learned.

Our second day starts with a review of the photographs taken with the film cameras. We then proceed with further teaching on camera settings and their use. We then go out with your digital cameras putting into practice what we have learned.

Our final day reviews the digital shots taken by the group, followed by teaching on the editing workflow process using software that is available to all.

Photography school of Arwyn Bailey
Intensive Beginners DSLR Photography Course

Do you know little to nothing about photography but you want to really grasp a fuller understanding of your camera settings and how to frame and crop an image.

This course explains the art and science of photography from the base up with extended hands-on activities. 

It will familiarise clients with their camera in a variety of modes enabling them to make correct exposures and understand the basics of aperture, shutter speed and ISO whilst teaching how to frame an image whether it be a portrait or a land or sea scape.

Photography school of Arwyn Bailey
One Day Lighting Course

Light is key to photography as it can make or break an image.

Once one of the beginners courses has been completed clients can add to their learning by moving to this course that teaches the use both artificial and natural light in photography.

Whether it be a party, wedding, sunset or sunrise, this course will teach how to use light effectively and produce pictures that our clients can be proud of. No more red eye on those nasty pictures.

Half Day Editing Course

You can produce a great shot in camera, but, the process does not stop there.

The editing process has until recently, been the preserve of those whom can afford the time and resources to use complicated software to edit images.

We show clients how to use software that is accessible and available to all of our clients to enable them to leave with the knowledge as to how to set up an efficient and productive workflow.

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