the exposure triangle

how your settings work

Are you confused by the settings on your camera?

Here are some “cheat cards” that will help you to understand how your camera settings interact and work together, to help you get your camera off auto settings.

manual settings…

Switch your camera to “manual” and learn how to understand what is known as ISO, aperture and shutter speed.

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aperture priority…

Give priority to your aperture setting and see the effect that this creates in your camera.

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shutter speed priority…

Give priority to your shutter and see the effect that this will have on your images.

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ISO on auto…

Set your ISO control to auto and understand how this affects your photogrpahy.

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semi automatic…

Set your controls to what is known as shift priority and understand how your photography is affected.

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bringing it together…

A visual representation as to how the camera controls work and interact with one another.

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understand photography

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